Jan. 3rd, 2010

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i just read sylar/mohinder shapeshifting mpreg. i enjoyed it. clearly there is something wrong with me. there is something wrong with me, universe! i need your help!

i shall go search out more petrellicest now, to make myself feel better. if i can't find something i've not read yet.

hey, where's the fic where nathan and peter like, go on picnic lunches and cuddle and make out? they never get to be happy on the show. clearly they should get to cuddle and make out and smile a lot in fanfic! with the family that they're both stuck with, they certainly deserve it. maybe that's why nathan has divorced himself from his children, he doesn't want them to grow up in as toxic an atmosphere as his must have been. (sorry, we're halfway through v3 right now. apparently parents find it acceptable to experiment on their own children if they're Petrellis? no, it's really not! you don't get to do that! your own children, omg!...i get the feeling the writers really didn't think this through. i don't even understand.)


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