Jan. 28th, 2010

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1. sometimes i read metafandom links and all i can think about the OP is "wow you're a fucking idiot", and then i'm grateful i never participate in meta, because that's kind of rude. but truly, some people.

2. did you know that adrian pasdar is five-ten and a hundred and seventy five pounds? well now you know. maybe i suggest some exercise and a better diet (alcohol, for example, is fattening if consumed in large quantities), mr. pasdar? perhaps while you're doing community service and/or in prison or whatever, because really now. and that is all i actually have to say about that.

3. once in a while (by that i mean often), i watch this video, and in my head, i vid nathan/peter to it. my lack of video making skills is the only reason i do not terrorize everyone with my shitty interpretation of the end of their relationship. be grateful.

4. american idol this year, thus far: the grossness that is katy perry contrasted with the darling toothiness of avril lavigne! plus neil patrick harris who has a personality and also that jonas brother who um, sadly doesn't but is pretty at least. oh and i still adore you, posh spice. in addition to leukemia! ex-gang members! tourette's syndrome! actual kids with actual mental diseases that require treatment/medication! poverty-stricken small-towners! that one girl who apparently almost died from an asthma attack! so many people have such sad stories and a dream for the great marketing machine driving the show to exploit. lovely.

5. hey, i answered a meme at some point by the gorgeous [livejournal.com profile] bossymarmalade, and apparently in response i'm supposed to offer ten ficlets of any fandom to the first ten people that respond. i do not feel that this is fair, because why should i give when i can get. hey, first ten people to respond to this post, write me fic, please. or you could ask for it, if you insist. well, minus one, because i am supposed to write "dirty bathroom blowjob peter/nathan vampire porn outtake" for co-journaller. in that vague sort of someday i will get to it, i will, way, i will.

6. being human > heroes, but is equally depressing and sad. perhaps we shall watch glee instead. should we watch glee instead?


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