Feb. 21st, 2010

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random spam from the chat trenches:

(on watching supernatural 405, yes the one with the b&w shapeshifter):

co-journaller: SAY GO FOR THE CRACK
co-journaller: OH I'M READY FOR IT
co-journaller: COME ON BRING IT
me: oh fuck you
me: i just JUST JUST
me: got that song out of my head

to the five people reading this that got that: NOSTALGIA FTW!

for the rest of you: hey!

which of course leads neatly into my next question, which is, i'm entirely sure there's a comm/challenge where you sign up and the organizers randomly assign a music video to you (uh, that's not yuletide?), and then you write a story based on said music video? WHICH IS BASICALLY SONGFIC ONLY WE PRETEND IT'S NOT BECAUSE WE'RE TOO COOL FOR THAT.

because! i would totally sign up, and hope that i'd get fever ray's when i grow up, where nathan watches silently as his crazy/beautiful conjurer brother summons water. or, you know, *cough*, that fergie vid peter is a drug dealer, nathan is an undercover DEA agent, they're brothers in some sort of love and it's all very dramatic and everyone has cool clothes and guns.



ETA: What cm doesn't tell you is that what *started* this idea was the Hero video which clearly wants to be turned into [fandom of your choice] AU fic about people having sex on piles of money. (It also wants you to laugh a lot, but that's beside the point.) Anyway, it would be awesome, who's in! \o/

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