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me: lemme see if we can just post a chat excerpt
cm: haha okay
[five minutes later]
me: okay i'm afraid we can't use that
cm: what?
me: we either go "omg srsly" at each other
   without any context
   or mock ZQ's acting skills
cm: let's mock zq's acting skills

The longer version: Oh hey! We didn't actually hate it! I had mentally prepared myself for so much frothy rage (...we have Sylar issues), but then it was actually kind of enjoyable and whatnot. EXCEPT FOR THE OBVIOUS. Unordered bullet points:

- SYLAR YOU ARE NOT A HERO. You've just been mindfucked by Peter into some kind of smarmy docility yanked around by the writers so much you don't even know anymore how many people you have to ask for "forgiveness" before expecting any kind of *trust* YOU RAPED MATT'S WIFE oh my god sorry I will stop here.

- Milo! Project quietly simmering contempt in the presense of Sylar some more! We like that! Uh, it's not just us, right? Now that we can't obsess over Adrian's acting skills anymore (*cries*), let's talk about the nuances in Milo V's various frowny faces? Maybe he workshopped some of the scenes with Adrian! ...once again, I will stop here. (But srsly.)

- Claire Claire Claire. We always loved you the mostest. The very very end might indeed have been our favourite scene, followed by Noah and Peter being, basically, just some dudes who just saved, well, a tiny part of the world. Yup. (By the way, did anyone else find the Noah/Claire near-death scene kind of awkward to watch? Um.)

- Oh god Hiro. I want to cuddle you so bad. :-( Have to say though, old!Charlie was like, the sweetest, loveliest, shiniest person ever, oh my god. I loved that actress! But oh, Hiro. Even after the most impossible/heartwarming brain tumor removal in the history of superpowers, your love life is still entirely doomed.


- Good will defeat evil if we all literally hold hands ahaha turn the main villain around work together! I mean, the earnest little "everybody, join hands!" had me laugh-cringing for maybe half a minute or so, but it was actually a really nice way of bringing all the heroes (and, uh, others) together in the end. Matt! Tracy! Noah! Claire! Peter! Hiro! Ando! Sylar. Everyone doing their thing to defeat this pathetic little man. It was kinda awesome to watch, yes.

- "My brother didn't let me down. He built me up." Oh, Peter. (Thanks for making the big showdown all about Peter's and Nathan's epic love, show. Explain to us again why you had to kill Nathan for that? Oh, okay then.)

In conclusion, now we actually kinda want that fifth season. Dammit.

PS. Co-journaller is... 4,879 words into a Supernatural/Heroes crossover AU and there is no porn yet. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HER ANYMORE.
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