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i just read that numbers (or numb3rs, ahaha) is on the verge of being cancelled. which is a damned shame, honestly, because i really enjoy the show. far more than the inexplicably popular NCIS - which rah-rah jingoism, casual homophobia and such i get, it is in fact possibly an accurateish depiction of these people (or not? i don't know, and possibly don't care), but it is deeply unpleasant to watch, although NCIS:LA, not so much! possibly because LL Cool J automatically makes everything okay? but! where was i?

Numbers! which is an awesome show mainly because the cast are so obviously fond of one another/have worked long enough together that their banter comes across as natural and enjoyable - plus there's the geekery, the love of science and math! even as most of the FBI agents don't actually understand charlie/amita/larry most of the time, they clearly respect them and value their opinion, and i don't know, i enjoy the show, why do they want to take it away from me? (i'd also like to point out that they have surprisingly diverse cast - three of the four main supporting characters are african-american (two of them are women!), amita is indian, even the epps family are jewish if you want to get technical about it. so that's nice, hey.)

but also apparently heroes is still "on the bubble", which come on guys, renew/cancel it already i really feel like i am tired of waiting to find out.

although i'm pretty sure i will watch every upcoming episode of the new season going "needs more nathan", but that's a given, you know?

co-journaller has disappeared off the internet, and i am bereft.

also i really want more nathan/peter icons. what? we don't have enough, okay. mostly because we keep using the ones we have and now i'm just like "more, please?"

ETA: my head still hurts, i can't sleep, why do mornings even exist omg!

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