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This is how it works. Whoever started this meme left five "clues," which were passed onto me via multiple flisters. I've responded with the five stories that meet the criteria of the clues. You can do so too, should you wish, and/or leave a clue for me. The clues can be anything from "Your favorite story" to "Story in which the most characters died" to "A story that includes both a threesome and a wrench."

These are the original five clues:
1. Your story with the closest word count to 1,662 words.
2. Your story in the rarest fandom you write in.
3. The longest story you've ever written.
4. The story that's title starts with the last letter of your user name.
5. Story written for your favorite prompt you've ever gotten.

1. all the lost, forgotten things, 1714 words, which is an interpol fight club AU.

talking about all the tags/warnings in the AO3 page:
me: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non Con, Underage
A: amaaaaaaaaaazing
A: i think my favourite thing
A: my actual favourite thing
A: about this
me: age difference, apocalypse, alternate universe - slavery, alternate universe - gender changes
A: is that this was a GIFT for someone

2. for every ending, which is uh, that miami vice movie with Colin Farrell, and i don't think there's a fandom for the movie (though i'm sure there's one for the tv series), so there.

3. fess up you dressed up to kill yourself., ~18,000 words (not including the 6000 words outtakes) which is an interpol underaged-hooker-fic serial killer assassins AU. A: ahaha oh god tell the flist not to read it though, i don't think they'd be quite prepared, which, if you weren't already warned away by the description, should just about cover it. unless of course, underaged-hooker-fic with serial killers and assassins is your thing, in which case, carry on.

4. Running up that hill, is the latest of mine with the letter R, which is Star Trek, and Kirk/Ayel, and idek i wish my interest in being in the star trek fandom had lasted more than like, two weeks, but there you go.

5. so i'm working on this vampire!AU fic, and at one point i begged A. to watch Pathology again with me, because um, i wanted to? and i promised her something in return, and she prompted me with "nathan/peter wall!sex", and so i wrote this, which i mean, wall!sex, best prompt ever! but then it doesn't fit at all into the mood of the vampire!AU fic proper, so it won't go anywhere but here, but it's my favorite prompt, so:

Late winter, a wall somewhere in an alley in fucking Missouri. Peter hates winter, hates the cold, hates fucking Missouri, but not as much and as loudly as Nathan does. This is what Nathan does: he drops in to see Peter as if he's doing Peter a favor and then bitches the entire time. His hands are warm though, down Peter's pants, slowly stroking him until he's hard, shivering with need as much as cold. "There's a girl, Peter, from Brazil. Her blood tastes like the sea. I left some of her for you, if you'd like."

Peter shakes his head no resolutely, even as he unconsciously seeks Nathan's body for warmth. In winter, animal blood is not enough. In winter, animal blood is him, thuggish and slow as his body temperature lowers and his brain sends signals that it's time to rest, to hibernate. He presses gloved hands clumsily against Nathan's coat and Nathan presses one knee forcefully between Peter's legs. It's a jolt right through his nervous system, he moans, open mouthed and on this side of pleading.

"You're always so fucking stubborn," Nathan says, his eyes full black with rage, and lust, and heat. Impatient and unimpressed, but he puts his free hand up to Peter's mouth anyway, until Peter's forced to bite down. "Come on," and he's right. Tastes like the ocean, and Nathan's hard and needs him, needs this. He lets his head fall back and he's a hypocrite, this isn't going clean, this is him pretending: Nathan makes him do this.

His cock is still hard. Peter says "Please, please Nathan," and he's not sure what he's asking for. Holds Nathan's hand when he tries to pull away. It's always dangerous, Nathan will allow him to take too much and Peter won't know when to stop.

"That's enough," Nathan says finally, and when Peter lets go he shakes his arm if the closing wound is merely an inconvenience, but his face is pale and dazed.

"Sorry," Peter says, and he offers up his throat automatically. This is how Nathan likes him best in any case. Flushed with real, human blood, his body offered up for the taking. Peter shudders at Nathan's hand on him, slow, and then fast, and then slow again, drawing it out, and everytime Nathan's teeth sink in it's like the first time and he's dying, once more. A billion suns going out, one by one, and Peter whispers please, please, and Nathan tells him to come at some point, and Peter whispers urgently, "No, I can't. I can't. Please-" but then he does, and this isn't dying, this is worse. This is losing himself entirely to Nathan, to teeth and skin and the primal urge to tear asunder. Nathan always likes to tell him he doesn't know what he is, but the thing is, he does. Like this, he Nathan's and his breathing is ragged and harsh when he says, "I love you - whatever you want, Nathan. Whatever, anything-"

Nathan kisses him then, cups his face with hands that are still too warm, says, "Shh, Pete. I know, I know." He sounds indulgent, but underneath it there's a hint of desperation, a craving for something Peter won't, can't give. Because this too will pass, like all their encounters. End in harsh words and rage and separation, the thousands of miles Peter will travel to put some distance between them. "I love you too," Nathan says finally, and it sounds like defeat.

A. also asked me two questions:

6. What is your favorite story?
Well, this was difficult, mostly because i start to hate everything just about the second after i put it out there, and most of the time i think people are just generally really nice and too kind to my fic because because i suck all i ever see after i post it is "oh god this is so horrid and so filled with errors and clunky phrases and overall terrible writing how could anyone have enjoyed it?", so, you know. favorite stories, not so much. that said, one day it will please us to remember even this, which is a My Chemical Romance girl!fic in which Gerard Way wakes up a girl, and like, i don't even know, it took me about a year from the time i started writing it to like, actually figuring out the ending and for the longest time i never even imagined i'd finish it and i wasn't even in the fandom anymore when i finally did. and you know, i'd actually change a fair bit of it now? but for the most part i'm still fond of it.

7. What story reminds you of the color yellow.
i think that the closest i can think of is passing scenes from five epics about josh homme and dave grohl that will never be written, because it's meant to be vaguely toury-type summer fic?
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