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so A. and i watched that new milo v movie, which was apparently uploaded on every site ever by someone but doesn't exist in torrents yet? weird. ANYWAY.

informal poll time:

the above scene:

a) made that whole two hours of my time worth it
b) gave me a girl boner
c) i feel your glee towards such gratuitous violence is inappropriate
d) i enjoyed the movie in fact. why are you so judgmental?
e) it's because you don't like milo v isn't it?
f) ISN'T IT?

how hard was rick?

a) really hard
b) really really hard
c) not as hard as peter with sylar/nathan
d) needs more nailgun
e) nathan :(

but what did you think of the movie, REALLY?

a) better than pathology at least?
b) but pathology had boobies and milo's butt and his naked chest. this had none of that. downgrade!
c) a scathing, brilliant critique of the american/corporate dream. i will let you know my thoughts in the comments!
e) milo looks really good in v-necks
f) i really wish they hadn't hired someone over six feet tall to play opposite him though
g) i enjoyed the dog and the cat. best characters ever!
h) i would really like to watch a movie in which milo does nothing but cuddle with kittens and sweet-talk to them
i) could have been better, but i didn't hate it
j) would you stop it with this fake-poll already you're up to J for god's sake

also, why is everyone moving to dreamwidth? should we move to dreamwidth? our dreamwidth journal is here, by the way. we have not updated it since importing our lj over there that one time many many months ago, uh.

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