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[ profile] ohnotheydidnt depresses me so much with its intense grossness, but um, milo's new girlfriend (which i guess is confirmed now?) is super-cute! and age appropriate! two for two, milo! GOOD JOB YOU GET A PONY.

in other, equally startling news, interpol are not only not broken up, but they're opening for U2 at some point. i swear i had to check and re-check the articles and i'm still like, partly convinced that this is old news that has mistakenly been recycled as new, because surely they're not serious when they claim that another album is due? IS IT? OH PLEASE SAY IT IS.

things i do in my spare time: watch lovely, delicate music videos and then write a four-thousand word Peter/Nathan AU that features bloodplay, choking, watersports and the end of the world. clearly i win at life.

we have reached the episode in supernatural that features chuck and the winchester brothers discussing slash. yes, dean, people writing about you guys fucking is just gross. that's PRIVATE. i understand. why is this show such a huge pile of fanwankery? kripke has lost his ever loving mind, is the only explanation.

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this just in: interpol's left hand doesn't know what its right hand is doing:

"I don't even know what [Sam was] talking about," Banks told BBC 6 Music this week. Instead of turning away from Our Love to Admire's elaborate arrangements, "Carlos [Dengler] has gone to total new levels of crazy sophisticated orchestration", Banks said. "I think he brings that elegant, orchestral quality and he's gone even further with that."

it's so great when the lead singer directly contradicts what the drummer is saying about the new direction the next album is going to take.

orchestral. hah! does this mean that in the great debate on which is the better song, 'PDA' or 'pioneer to the falls', the latter won? dear paul: YOU'RE WRONG.

ETA: although i have to say i only really hated 'who do you think?' and 'wrecking ball' on OLTA.

fifty bucks says they break up before the album is completed.

also OMG i have not worked for four months! okay i only blame myself i've not actually actively looked for a job, preferring instead to sit at home and read incest porn, but still. i feel as if my brain is rotting. ur, perhaps next month i shall find myself a job. yes.


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