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The most important and pressing reason first, taken from Wikipedia (it owns us all):

After airing only four episodes, Kings was officially pulled from NBC's Sunday schedule. The remaining episodes will air on Saturday evening. On its first post-Kings Sunday, NBC aired a two-hour episode of Dateline NBC [!], enjoying an immediate near-doubling [!!!] of their Sunday audience (from 3.6 million viewers to 6.4 million viewers).

Now that's just fucking depressing, people. Come on. As for the other reasons, let's see...

(1) It is, essentially, Bible fanfic. I admit that I'm not terribly versed in Bible canon and just knew about the David vs. Goliath thing and the David/Jonathan bromance, but once you actually spend a couple of minutes on David's Wikipedia page (it owns us all), you get the impression that the writers approached the story like a fanfic writer would a Bible AU.

They took the main arc, updated it for modern times, shuffled around some stuff and kept little details for recognition purposes and overall adorableness. So while the biblical David soothed the king by rocking out on his harp, David Shepherd is, seemingly randomly, a piano whizz. Also, the anointing happens five minutes into the first ep and involves motor oil (and inappropriate sexual tension). It completely tickles me how much this show is like reading AU fic, seriously.

(2) It's really very pretty. And epic. And completely cracktastic. And somewhat flawed in places. And then pretty again. There's a picspam for the pilot here (somewhat spoilery, in that it's pictures from the pilot) and the cap towards the bottom, the one above the funeral, is taken from the most epic ten minutes I have seen on television recently. The cinematography on this show is amazing. It's part of the reason why the overwrought dialogue and, you know, the premise of a monarchy in what is essentually modern New York City just works (most of the time): the show actually takes itself seriously. This probably puts a lot of people off. But it's so pretty! (Show: *bleeds money*)

Also, [ profile] normalhumanbein, who's totally got a BA in theatre studies, described the show as "FAUX SHAKESPEARE OMG" after I made her watch the pilot, AND IT'S SO TRUE. The combined effect is like watching fanfic acted out on a vast, beautiful stage by a bunch of people you may know from elsewhere (or not). HOW COULD YOU NOT BE INTRIGUED.

(3) It has interesting characters. Interesting female characters, too! I was actually going to point to a piece of a dialogue in the most recent ep as proof that the show even passes the Bechdel test, but then I realized they were talking about the King. So close! In any case, there's a lot of character exploration going on, the Queen kicks ass, the Reverend kicks ass, the King's P.A. kicks ass and if you're into angsty, pretty boys with daddy issues (like some people, ahem), we got that too! At this point, the main protagonist is actually the least intriguing cast member, and he's got adorableness going for him. Something for everyone, guys.

(4) Fandom's got your back. It looks like the writers chose to diverge from Bible canon in that Jackathan and David don't actually fall in love (even though they made Jack gay, which, come on, follow-through?), but this doesn't need to worry you. Other than in the general 'fuck you mainstream television!' kind of way, of course. Fandom does not care about its canon, it's got the Bible on its side. (This probably amuses me more than it should.)

(5) You know what's supposed to happen and you keep watching to see if it will. Cf. Merlin. It'll probably die a slow and painful death now (*sniff*), but man, I would have been interested in how the hell they were going to pull off a second season, given the fact that the King has to die at some point. Cf. Merlin. Speaking of which, a prattish repressed prince and his destined-for-great-things subordinate? (Ahahaha, who saves the prince's life and is instantly promoted!) How isn't everyone flocking to the new kid in town? IT NEEDS YOUR HELP.

In conclusion, save this show? Or not, it's probably too late anyway. A quick search didn't pop up a more in-depth primer, but for more information [ profile] kings_tv should be a pretty safe bet.

*waves little moth flag?*

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