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why did no-one tell me Methos was on Caprica? Methos is on Caprica! um, i'm glad to see the actor again, i'd missed him so. oh, Highlander, why must your last movie have been so entirely terrible?

today, what popped into my head was that a Supernatural/Heroes crossover would be most excellent (i know some already exist, but there can never be enough Supernatural/Heroes crossovers, am i right?) the hilarity of the mythologies meeting though. what would dean winchester do with a boy like peter? other than sleep with him, obviously. and then all hell breaks loose, but that's okay, because the apocalypse is already here. perhaps peter petrelli can save the world! don't laugh, okay i'm serious.

OR A HEROES/LEVERAGE X-OVER COME ON. you know, hardison would have read all the ninth-wonders comics and be delirious over the whole super-heroes come to life thing. he'd tell elliot to play nice with peter because "dude's life kind of sucks, man. like, for real." parker would sniff him and pronounce him lickable. there'd be some kind of a plot at some point, i don't know. the team can save the world! or just peter from himself. maybe they have to rescue mohinder or something, that would be fun. i secretly ship mohinder/sophie, okay. two thumbs up for the vaguely british sounding people discussing their accents and how that plus their faces means they have to beat them off with sticks. sticks, i tell you!


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