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Nathan Petrelli Memorial Kink Meme you guys. if you can guess which ones i wrote (other than the one that is patently obvious!) you get - well not much, actually. the knowledge that you've entertained me for a while? a ficlet of choice?

this is like my favorite vid of all time. it's jim and bobbi from profit. there needs to be more profit vids, come on.

there was a vid on youtube, set to sarah brightman's Eden, that chronicled peter and nathan's relationship in volume three. i believe it got taken down for copyright infringment, which sucks! i don't suppose anyone has a copy, no? no i didn't think so.

american idol has started again! it is simultaneously the best and worst american (well, actually it's worldwide now right?) tv show ever, and oh how i love it so. this year: more pop and r&b, less white boys singing "edgy" music, please and thank you, good night.

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i just woke up from three hours of sleep, which is about the maximum i seem to be able to sleep these days, from a dream about superheroes and metahumans set to some strange uplifting music, which drove me CRAZY until i realized it was most likely the vitamin c quartet doing something pretty. either that or my brain made the entire orchestral piece up WHILE I SLEPT, which is a step up from my brain writing brand new power ballads while i sleep i suppose? i think?

in an case, i am grateful it wasn't a dream about:

a zombie apocalypse (i have a recurring zombie apocalypse fic. visually it's a bit like a dark-velvet tinted version of underworld except with massive parking lot structures, super-souped up vehicles, zombies and sometimes flying bat creatures)
rape (aahahah at least this is just random)
serial murder (again, mostly this is also just random, but the over-arching theme is me either running from getting murdered or actually committing murder)

i haven't had the dream about the aliens in a while. uh, perhaps things are looking up.

also some part of me actually enjoys the zombie apocalypse one. possibly the part of me that keeps watching zombie related movies. hrm, PERHAPS THERE IS A COINCIDENCE THERE.


i am now officially obsessed with bobbie/jimmy from profit.

clearly where there is wrong to be had, i can prove that i can go even wronger.

thank god fandom understands.

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