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A. and i have started watching White Collar, due to the promise of Diana coming back for next season, yay. mostly we spend the hour discussing Neal's lovely, gorgeous clothes and Neal's pretty, pretty face and how the power of fandom essentially transformed him into peter and El's pet after the mid-season break. FANDOM REPRESENT!

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i watched white collar today, and all i can say is: more diana please. where was she this episode? are they just going to pretend she doesn't exist? because i am profoundly more interested in her than virtually any other character on the show. which means clearly she will disappear from it, fandom will pretend she doesn't exist in order to slash the two main characters because they're pretty and male, and i will be sad and disappointed once more in the failure of the universe to not be predictable and gross. natalie morales can stay too. first person to slash diana and agent cruz gets a cookie! because come on, that would be awesome y/y?

if they replace her with natalie morales in order to have a love interest for pretty-mcwhatshisface neal (who is barely, barely tolerable to me right now) i will hurl.


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