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put it in a safe behind a painting, lock it up and leave
(or one week in the lives of possibly not so average international arms dealers)
Nathan/Peter, ~10,000 words, NC-17 for violence, disturbing themes, implied underaged sex, gunporn, water asphyxiation
warnings for uh, pretty sure the entire thing being offensive. please understand that to mean all that it implies. dear [ profile] mimesh, this is all your fault for making that particular icon. un-betad, so any and all mistakes are mine.
Nathan and Peter are arms dealers. Cheers.

it's a lot like being a bad guy, in that it's exactly like being a bad guy )
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and i'll be so alone without you, maybe you'll be lonesome too
Peter/Nathan, pg13-ish, ~7,600 words, spoilers for up to Brave New World, starts after. Because surely Peter wasn't meant to be without Nathan.
much thanks to A. for beta, handholding, and everything really.

and maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me )
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So, this happened. I'm not sure how, but it did. This is the longest thing I have ever finished and posted, and if that makes it sound like I've finished and posted several shorter pieces before, uh, that is not the case. I will go hide somewhere now.

and birds were singing to calm us down, by A.
Peter/Nathan, AU, R, ~3,700 words, implied underagedness

Peter wants to see Las Vegas. Nathan doesn't even try to say no anymore. Sort of a companion piece to "he couldn't see me, the sun was in his eyes" by cm, won't make much sense without it. Less sense, anyway.

Many thanks and hearts to co-journaller for letting me play with Crazy Earth Child!Peter (damn hippies!) and telling me what didn't work and also what did. Kisses to [ profile] miss_miso for helpful suggestions and hand-holding. Flower wreaths for everyone!

it's always better on the outside )
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This is how it works. Whoever started this meme left five "clues," which were passed onto me via multiple flisters. I've responded with the five stories that meet the criteria of the clues. You can do so too, should you wish, and/or leave a clue for me. The clues can be anything from "Your favorite story" to "Story in which the most characters died" to "A story that includes both a threesome and a wrench."

These are the original five clues:
1. Your story with the closest word count to 1,662 words.
2. Your story in the rarest fandom you write in.
3. The longest story you've ever written.
4. The story that's title starts with the last letter of your user name.
5. Story written for your favorite prompt you've ever gotten.

1. all the lost, forgotten things, 1714 words, which is an interpol fight club AU.

talking about all the tags/warnings in the AO3 page:
me: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non Con, Underage
A: amaaaaaaaaaazing
A: i think my favourite thing
A: my actual favourite thing
A: about this
me: age difference, apocalypse, alternate universe - slavery, alternate universe - gender changes
A: is that this was a GIFT for someone

2. for every ending, which is uh, that miami vice movie with Colin Farrell, and i don't think there's a fandom for the movie (though i'm sure there's one for the tv series), so there.

3. fess up you dressed up to kill yourself., ~18,000 words (not including the 6000 words outtakes) which is an interpol underaged-hooker-fic serial killer assassins AU. A: ahaha oh god tell the flist not to read it though, i don't think they'd be quite prepared, which, if you weren't already warned away by the description, should just about cover it. unless of course, underaged-hooker-fic with serial killers and assassins is your thing, in which case, carry on.

4. Running up that hill, is the latest of mine with the letter R, which is Star Trek, and Kirk/Ayel, and idek i wish my interest in being in the star trek fandom had lasted more than like, two weeks, but there you go.

5. so i'm working on this vampire!AU fic, and at one point i begged A. to watch Pathology again with me, because um, i wanted to? and i promised her something in return, and she prompted me with "nathan/peter wall!sex", and so i wrote this, which i mean, wall!sex, best prompt ever! but then it doesn't fit at all into the mood of the vampire!AU fic proper, so it won't go anywhere but here, but it's my favorite prompt, so: vampire!fic!porn!outtake! )
A. also asked me two questions:

6. What is your favorite story?
Well, this was difficult, mostly because i start to hate everything just about the second after i put it out there, and most of the time i think people are just generally really nice and too kind to my fic because because i suck all i ever see after i post it is "oh god this is so horrid and so filled with errors and clunky phrases and overall terrible writing how could anyone have enjoyed it?", so, you know. favorite stories, not so much. that said, one day it will please us to remember even this, which is a My Chemical Romance girl!fic in which Gerard Way wakes up a girl, and like, i don't even know, it took me about a year from the time i started writing it to like, actually figuring out the ending and for the longest time i never even imagined i'd finish it and i wasn't even in the fandom anymore when i finally did. and you know, i'd actually change a fair bit of it now? but for the most part i'm still fond of it.

7. What story reminds you of the color yellow.
i think that the closest i can think of is passing scenes from five epics about josh homme and dave grohl that will never be written, because it's meant to be vaguely toury-type summer fic?
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i've had a headache these past two days, and urgh, i'm not sure why and i can't make it stop. too much reading of porn, not enough? what's up with that anyway?

anyway, moving on. somewhere along the way i decided that what i really needed to write was peter/nathan kid!fic? in which peter is the cutest little boy on earth and nathan is...nathan. and then there was this prompt for the Nathan Petrelli Memorial Kink Meme, so i started writing that, but it got a bit out of control AND veered quite a bit away from the prompt, and then i ended up with five-thousand words of it, as you know, one does? so right, hey:

the secret to successful negotiation is in the fine print
nathan/peter, r-ish, pre-series, snapshots through the years.
thanks to [ profile] anansie_s for the lovely beta, characterization-whipping and fixing up my rather terrible grammar.

i'll be the prince and you be the princess )
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he couldn't see me, the sun was in his eyes, by cm+A.
Peter/Nathan, Peter/Niki, NC-17, ~7,000 words

Peter is special. Nathan knows this. This is a fairytale AU (of sorts), loosely inspired by this video. It's also pretty much entirely self-indulgent porn. Warnings for Includes knife/bloodplay, watersports, choking, underagedness, possibly disturbing imagery.

Much thanks to [ profile] miss_miso for speedy beta and encouragement and also being awesome. This is dedicated to [ profile] anansie_s, whether she wants it or not.

i am the key to the lock in your house )
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someone wrote (which i'm not linking to because i'm lazy) a story in which mohinder goes on the internet and finds out that there's fanfiction about him and sylar because of the 9th wonders comic books. and i have to say i find it extremely amusing because a) the possibility of fanfic about 9th wonder characters existing is extremely high, because. well hello, rule #31.#34 b) supernatural! heroes went there first, hello!

of course heroes never made an actual episode about the slash and the slash fen, for which i am highly grateful for. imagine the weirdness, of peter trying to find say, a lost 9th wonder volume which was destroyed but continues to exist on the internet due to industrious fanboys (also highly likely, as anyone who has ever torrented a comic book will attest to), and finds forums dedicated to petrellicest. can you just say awkward? or like the abovementioned story, mohinder finding mylar fic. or m3 fic! though if i were mohinder i'd be far more pleased about the m3 fic than the "i slept with my dad's killer" fic, but that's just me.

but um, heroes is one of those shows that will only break the forth wall in a particular way, and i don't know, they even abandoned all of that for season four, which is kind of sad because i enjoyed that aspect of it. although s4 also gave us um, ahaha right, asian comic relief trio. i don't even know, show.

but um, anyway [ profile] anansie_s was talking about how nathan's consciousness actually drifted over at some point to peter's brain and they had a lot of hot sex inside of peter's brain for like, forever, and somehow i thought about it and i decided nathan should just stay in sylar's brain and taunt him or whatever, and then somehow peter got involved i don't even know but anyway i blame anansi for this:

we fell through the ice when we tried not to slip
sylar, nathan and um, also mentions of peter/nathan and sylar/peter (kind of?)
post-series, pg-13ish (at some point this rating will cease to not be funny, but right now it still totally is!), mostly un-betad, so all mistakes are mine.

can't be held responsible )
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Keep Coming Around
Nathan self-justifies. Peter makes up memories. The combined result is somewhat uneven.

but I think you could save my life )
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damon/stefan, a little damon/stefan/katherine, pg-13ish, 1000 words, set pre-show so no real spoilers save for a hint of the flashback episodes
On the intricacies of a polyamorous relationship. Kind of.
notes: thanks, once again, to co-journaller for beta! <3!

just you, me and the bar )
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the hibernation cycle of bears
peter/emma, mostly g, 2200 words, spoilers for up to "brave new world", for [ profile] anansie_s // prompt was: I think it would be great to see something with Peter and Emma, dealing with what just happened and maybe with the repercussions of Nathan's death.

notes: thanks to co-journaller, as usual, for judicious and awesome beta. ps. everyone else i owe meme requests to: i'm working on them, meep!

we have got to take cover )
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cm: how are we going to post this new fic?
   "like the older fic, only slightly different!"
me: "uh, i wasn't quite done feeling spiteful about this yet. inspired by the latest ep, this one has more punching, too!"
cm: hahaha

We are so sorry.

to see us once beautiful and brave
peter/sylar, hard r, 3500 words, warnings for potentially disturbing imagery and violence, spoilers for "the wall" // archive link

perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting )
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So, I asked co-journaller, who does not actually feel like owning up to kink meme fic hey, whether she'd post at least some of it and then we picked three and here they are. Uh, there are five more, one of which has been moved to the ahaha beta queue (or, works in "progress"), one of which has been guessed by at least one person and one of which should be really, really easy. Uh.

Also, someone please fill that Declan/Nathan prompt.

rpf, crossover, rpf crossover; all by cm )
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for [ profile] mimesh's mindfuck prompt over at the gimme prompts, i guess? post: "Peter wreaking havoc and stomping around in Sylar's brain" - only it's not so much with the stomping and more with the, well. both more and less crack than one could reasonably expect. also, there can be only one pairing. (spoilers for the most recent ep.) ETA: AO3 link with proper headings and dub-con mindfuck warning and whatnot

we're alright in the back of our minds )
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you have our ruins and records, by mumblemutter (cm+A.)
pg-13ish, peter/nathan, I am Become Death Verse, and spoilers for up to there | ao3 link
pretty much what it says on the tin. peter in the obligatory IABD fic verse, being uh, peterish. and also there's petrellicest. and micah. not really an AU.

our destruction as a species was accidental )
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you have our ruins and records, by mumblemutter (cm+A.)
pg-13ish, peter/nathan, I am Become Death Verse, and spoilers for up to there | ao3 link
pretty much what it says on the tin. peter in the obligatory IABD verse fic, being uh, peterish. and also there's petrellicest. and micah. not really an AU.

but they won't tell you what we were like )
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(and your past is not a rosetta stone), by mumblemutter (cm+A.)
pg-13ish, peter/nathan, post the fifth stage, and spoilers up to there | ao3 link
peter goes batshit, here's how. (no, really. that's pretty much it. there are no nailguns involved, alas. except in spirit.)

note: the show ignores the rules of time travel sometimes. so did we.

back and back to the future )
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five lives of crime, by mumblemutter
pg-13ish, peter/nathan, AU

notes: this started as a petrellicest version of burnt money/plata quemada (excellent movie, everyone should watch!), but at some point there came a realization that it was never going to be completed, and so what you get is a collection of AU sketches instead, where peter and nathan are criminal-type people doing criminal-type things.

» If I had to explain all I thought while I was inside, it'd take the same time I was locked away.


bonus outtake from the dr. horrible-inspired one that didn't actually get written, but seemed an amusing idea at the time (sylar would have been captain hammer):

Their big Plan of course, is the Nakamura Time Machine, which unfortunately isn't so much a time machine right now as it is a means for transporting you, within a period of four to five hours, from the laboratory to the lobby of St John's Hospital. Always, unerringly, St John's hospital. They've even marked the spot it appears in with a big X, after an unfortunate incident with a patient who'd only come in complaining of ulcers. Peter once drove down from their mansion to the hospital and had to wait exactly four hours and thirty-five minutes for the machine to re-appear, so even as a means of transport, it was highly ineffective. He called Nathan, every twenty minutes, precisely, to let him know, "I'm still waiting. It still hasn't shown up. Big damned time machine."

Sometimes, Nathan wished that he had someone else as a brother instead. Even Sylar seemed preferable.

But only sometimes.
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some mistakes, given time, by mumblemutter
pg-13ish, peter/nathan, spoilers for up to brother's keeper

it's cold here. it's dark. follow me. )
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a threshold we pass through, by mumblemutter
pg-13ish, peter/nathan, spoilers for up to brother's keeper

on and on and into light forever )
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through a major error in pattern recognition, by mumblemutter
pg-13ish, peter/nathan, spoilers for up to brother's keeper
(lol, there, fixed it for you, kring.)

the hard truth is, we never chose to choose )

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