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my week in general:

monday was elvis costello. it was great - i was in the fourth row, and two people in the third and three in the second bought tickets and apparently decided not to show up, which annoyed me because i could have been there! on the other hand, my view was almost entirely unobstructed. also it was at the esplanade concert hall, which is utterly gorgeous and (although i've been to so few concerts total, so take it for what it's worth) the loveliest concert hall i've ever been in. also one of the politest audiences i've ever been in, and i have to think it's mildly embarrassing when elvis costello has to tell you "you don't have to sit down, we're not in church", because the audience essentially got on their feet only three times total, and each time made to sit down afterwards. but it was a pretty, acoustic set (the sound system was nigh flawless, woah), so it was a nice way to spend two hours. elvis costello! is v. awesome, and i do in fact admit i enjoy his songs far more acoustic than i do when accompanied by a band. i mean i love acoustic in general, so yaye. i have pictures (like um, five, because they didn't allow photos there), which i might or might not upload at some point for like, the two people who might care.

tuesday i took carlos and gucci paul to the vet. general consensus: they're healthy and possibly it's the stress caused by bon jovi being young and rambunctious that made carlos lose weight and gucci look lethargic. so, okay then. monitoring the situation seems to be the way to go.

wednesday...or today, i did nothing - no wait i read this, which is heroes, nathan/peter, and essentially the story of them that i have been waiting for for the past four years. it's not that i necessarily love long, plotted fics (everyone knows my attention span is naught), but i always seek out the definitive fic for a particular pairing in a fandom, and more often than not i don't find it (still haven't in star trek, woe), and when i do i am giddy with happiness. it's more nathan than peter, but hey, i love me some nathan petrelli (mostly because i love me some adrian pasdar), and after what the show has done to his character (OMG HEROES WHUT WHUT IHU) it's good to know that i can escape from this with fanfic. but also OMG SO HOT PETER IS UNDERAGED AND THEY MAKE OUT UNFF. why yes i do have my kinks thank you very much.

tomorrow: sorority row! because nothing says fun times like a bad american horror movie. yaye!


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