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why did no-one tell me that rihanna's video for rehab also featured justin timberlake? it's like two of my favorite hot-ass popstars combined in one juicy, overly-saturated vid! seriously though, how awesome is she? and also super talented and stuff be my girlfriend! but also very strange. i believe you were wearing a corset, ri. the black pasties really weren't necessary.

last week's supernatural featured everything i ever hated about the show, and didn't even make up for it by having gratuitous amounts of gore. so boring i almost fell asleep, WHAT. i mean seriously )

i had bizarre dreams about the petrellis a few days ago. in one i was apparently set to go for dinner with nathan (i swear i thought i was peter? someone else? until i realized no, it was just me. um, i dream about being other people often. or not being other people exactly, just dreams in which i'm not present and it's some kind of movie narrative) - and anyway i saw him, and i couldn't tell if it was AP or nathan, and then he insulted my scarf, and that's how i knew it was nathan. this matters because apparently dream!me would totally get anxious and not want to meet AP because of the whole weirdness of meeting celebrity thing (i don't get it, i never want to meet celebrities, it's very strange), but nathan's just a character so that's okay. and then arthur petrelli was there as well, eating indian food.

BUT ANYWAY. WHY MUST YOU INSULT MY SCARF, NATHAN. it was such a pretty scarf, too. think mohinder's scarf except in neutral shades rather than...whatever eyesore shade that particular scarf was.

and then i had another dream in which me and A. were at a bus-stop waiting for the bus, and then AP/MV or Nathan/Peter showed up and started to hug, and again i felt very awkward because if they were the actors i felt that i had to hide my face so they couldn't see me gawking.

on the plus side, i haven't had a dream about zombies in a while. yay?

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[ profile] sailtonorway posted the Kirk/Bones fanmix we kind of collaborated on (mostly we tossed songs back and forth and went a bit incoherent over their epic love every now and then, oh wait, that was just me) and I still haven't shared my favourite outtakes, so, here. Just a small selection of songs that didn't make the final cut because they didn't really fit in with the rest of the mix and, in the case of Wolf Parade, had already been used in another Kirk/Bones mix (BECAUSE IT'S SO PERFECT FOR THEM OMG).

Here goes:

We're not lost, we're not home )
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Oh man, this was fun. It turned out to be an excessively mellow, singer/songwritery kind of mix, overall. Apparently I don't own any rock songs. Or much in the way of pop. Say what you will about variety, but at least this won't get in the way of your fic-reading. (It kind of tells a story if you squint, though.) There is no cover art as I don't have Photoshop or any Photoshop skills to speak of. ONWARDS.

» Some Kind of Higher Plan
      A Merlin (Fandom) Appreciation Mix


» Christine Fellows: Trust

One last look
Is all it took
To give it a name: falling


WILL: Why are you defending him so much? You're just his servant.
MERLIN: He's also my friend.
WILL: Friends don't lord it over one another.
MERLIN: He isn't like that.
WILL: Really? Well let's wait until the fighting begins and see who he sends in to die first. I guarantee you it won't be him.
MERLIN: I trust Arthur with my life.
WILL: Is that so? So he knows your secret then?
- 1x10 (The Moment of Truth)

And 11 more  )


» Lyrics
» Zipped (60 MB)

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