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why did no-one tell me that rihanna's video for rehab also featured justin timberlake? it's like two of my favorite hot-ass popstars combined in one juicy, overly-saturated vid! seriously though, how awesome is she? and also super talented and stuff be my girlfriend! but also very strange. i believe you were wearing a corset, ri. the black pasties really weren't necessary.

last week's supernatural featured everything i ever hated about the show, and didn't even make up for it by having gratuitous amounts of gore. so boring i almost fell asleep, WHAT. i mean seriously )

i had bizarre dreams about the petrellis a few days ago. in one i was apparently set to go for dinner with nathan (i swear i thought i was peter? someone else? until i realized no, it was just me. um, i dream about being other people often. or not being other people exactly, just dreams in which i'm not present and it's some kind of movie narrative) - and anyway i saw him, and i couldn't tell if it was AP or nathan, and then he insulted my scarf, and that's how i knew it was nathan. this matters because apparently dream!me would totally get anxious and not want to meet AP because of the whole weirdness of meeting celebrity thing (i don't get it, i never want to meet celebrities, it's very strange), but nathan's just a character so that's okay. and then arthur petrelli was there as well, eating indian food.

BUT ANYWAY. WHY MUST YOU INSULT MY SCARF, NATHAN. it was such a pretty scarf, too. think mohinder's scarf except in neutral shades rather than...whatever eyesore shade that particular scarf was.

and then i had another dream in which me and A. were at a bus-stop waiting for the bus, and then AP/MV or Nathan/Peter showed up and started to hug, and again i felt very awkward because if they were the actors i felt that i had to hide my face so they couldn't see me gawking.

on the plus side, i haven't had a dream about zombies in a while. yay?

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so i went to see sherlock holmes yesterday. and by "went to see" i mean a DVD screener finally showed up and i downloaded. okay so )

co-journaller and i are working on new icons. i love how you can tell when we stopped actually making any effort whatsoever and just cribbed all our icons from people far more talented than either one of us instead of attempting our own. possibly because no-one ever made interpol icons except for us and the people we begged to? but anyway we're deleting NOT A SINGLE INTERPOL ICON okay? they all stay! even though they, like all of our icons, mostly serve no purpose. i love how we have over a hundred icons and the majority of them don't convey a mood, or a feeling, or anything at all, except that it's someone or someones being pretty.

the nursing school one is choice though. oh, peter.

urgh omg i have such a killer headache, since yesterday, that didn't go away even after i went to bed. what do you say, livejournal? should i go to bed again in the hopes it will disappear? or just swallow some tylenol and wait for the new episode of being human to be downloaded? my download screen says four minutes and some change!

ow, ow. sleep it is then. AND tylenol.

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i just woke up from three hours of sleep, which is about the maximum i seem to be able to sleep these days, from a dream about superheroes and metahumans set to some strange uplifting music, which drove me CRAZY until i realized it was most likely the vitamin c quartet doing something pretty. either that or my brain made the entire orchestral piece up WHILE I SLEPT, which is a step up from my brain writing brand new power ballads while i sleep i suppose? i think?

in an case, i am grateful it wasn't a dream about:

a zombie apocalypse (i have a recurring zombie apocalypse fic. visually it's a bit like a dark-velvet tinted version of underworld except with massive parking lot structures, super-souped up vehicles, zombies and sometimes flying bat creatures)
rape (aahahah at least this is just random)
serial murder (again, mostly this is also just random, but the over-arching theme is me either running from getting murdered or actually committing murder)

i haven't had the dream about the aliens in a while. uh, perhaps things are looking up.

also some part of me actually enjoys the zombie apocalypse one. possibly the part of me that keeps watching zombie related movies. hrm, PERHAPS THERE IS A COINCIDENCE THERE.


i am now officially obsessed with bobbie/jimmy from profit.

clearly where there is wrong to be had, i can prove that i can go even wronger.

thank god fandom understands.

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