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why did no-one tell me that rihanna's video for rehab also featured justin timberlake? it's like two of my favorite hot-ass popstars combined in one juicy, overly-saturated vid! seriously though, how awesome is she? and also super talented and stuff be my girlfriend! but also very strange. i believe you were wearing a corset, ri. the black pasties really weren't necessary.

last week's supernatural featured everything i ever hated about the show, and didn't even make up for it by having gratuitous amounts of gore. so boring i almost fell asleep, WHAT. i mean seriously )

i had bizarre dreams about the petrellis a few days ago. in one i was apparently set to go for dinner with nathan (i swear i thought i was peter? someone else? until i realized no, it was just me. um, i dream about being other people often. or not being other people exactly, just dreams in which i'm not present and it's some kind of movie narrative) - and anyway i saw him, and i couldn't tell if it was AP or nathan, and then he insulted my scarf, and that's how i knew it was nathan. this matters because apparently dream!me would totally get anxious and not want to meet AP because of the whole weirdness of meeting celebrity thing (i don't get it, i never want to meet celebrities, it's very strange), but nathan's just a character so that's okay. and then arthur petrelli was there as well, eating indian food.

BUT ANYWAY. WHY MUST YOU INSULT MY SCARF, NATHAN. it was such a pretty scarf, too. think mohinder's scarf except in neutral shades rather than...whatever eyesore shade that particular scarf was.

and then i had another dream in which me and A. were at a bus-stop waiting for the bus, and then AP/MV or Nathan/Peter showed up and started to hug, and again i felt very awkward because if they were the actors i felt that i had to hide my face so they couldn't see me gawking.

on the plus side, i haven't had a dream about zombies in a while. yay?

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A. and i have started watching White Collar, due to the promise of Diana coming back for next season, yay. mostly we spend the hour discussing Neal's lovely, gorgeous clothes and Neal's pretty, pretty face and how the power of fandom essentially transformed him into peter and El's pet after the mid-season break. FANDOM REPRESENT!

blah blah )
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The show's just-announced, 10-episode fourth season - slated to debut later this summer - will most likely be its last. "That is the plan," confirms series creator Sean Smith, who hopes to lure back some old faves like Charisma Carpenter and Michael Rady for the final stretch. "We're all looking at this as an opportunity to come back, wrap up the show, and end strong. ABC Family could've ended it, but they gave us this opportunity and I don't want to squander it." Meanwhile, an ABC Family spokesperson insists buzz that Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca) is leaving the show (perhaps to star in a new pilot) is not true. The rep says all of Greekā€™s regulars will be back for season 4.

Awww, Greek. i mean again yay, there's a chance for closure. on the other hand, why are all my favorite tv shows going away!

i love this icon so much, randomly. his startled little face! oh, s1 peter. why can't i freeze you and put you in a basket for safekeeping so age, a pair of hairdresser's scissors and a heavy gym schedule can't get at you. WE HAVE COOKIES WHERE I AM FOR GOOD LITTLE BOYS JUST LIKE YOU. just try not to end the world while you're here, please.


oh, show

Mar. 15th, 2010 12:10 pm
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i just watched what's very likely the last episode ever of numbers. i heard both lead actors have already accepted roles in other shows, and the finale honestly did seem like a goodbye, which on the one hand, sad! on the other hand, i like it when shows end with proper closure, unlike, say, some other shows which i won't mention ::cough::deadwood::cough::. oh, numbers. i feel your math was so faily and pastede on sometimes, but i really only watched for the awesomeness of the characters anyway, so. i will miss you!

i have to be up in an hour and i have yet to be able to take a nap, even a short one, since...yesterday afternoon? whups?

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1) why is there a torrent for the new shear genius but none for the new drag race? i object mightily! okay possibly not mightily, because shear genius is kind of awesome fun (who knew you could make a reality tv program about who can do the best dye job in under two hours?) but still. sad!

2) things that are confusing: twelve-thousand words of future!fic in which i pretend that i'm writing simon petrelli/peter petrelli but in actual fact it's awful genfic in which they do nothing but talk about their feelings and never once contemplate getting naked with one another. um, what, brain. really? that's where you're going? okay then.

3) okay i keep hearing/reading about sendhil being unhappy that the heroes staff writers decided to butcher his character give mohinder the flyhinder storyline in v3 but it's always been people talking about his unhappiness? are there interviews or something where he outright said "this shit is whack?" only you know, more eloquently, because he's a classy sort of guy, and i'm not.

4) i wanted to say something about american idol, but it kind of ended up with me going: PANTS!!! and then randomly slamming my fingers down on the keyboard to express my...well i wouldn't call it rage? more like "why did that dude go home when his suckiness was at least crazy+entertaining instead of this other dude who is basically just wasting space on primetime tv?" and so on, but you know, hey. top twelve, finally. and every year i pray for another sanjaya, but i keep getting foiled. why?!

5) uh, five is a nice number, hi? tell me something good/bad/interesting, hey.

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so basically i have nothing at all to say really, about the oscars, except that:

this is the best oscar dress in the history of ALL OSCAR DRESSES EVER.

A: i wonder if the ruffles make noises
me: omg maybe they make a soft like, kind of furry purring noise
A: maybe they doooo
me: i feel that like, when she is bored during the awful five year long telecast she can just swish her legs and pretend she's petting a soft furry creature, and time will pass by faster
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i just read that numbers (or numb3rs, ahaha) is on the verge of being cancelled. which is a damned shame, honestly, because i really enjoy the show. far more than the inexplicably popular NCIS - which rah-rah jingoism, casual homophobia and such i get, it is in fact possibly an accurateish depiction of these people (or not? i don't know, and possibly don't care), but it is deeply unpleasant to watch, although NCIS:LA, not so much! possibly because LL Cool J automatically makes everything okay? but! where was i?

Numbers! which is an awesome show mainly because the cast are so obviously fond of one another/have worked long enough together that their banter comes across as natural and enjoyable - plus there's the geekery, the love of science and math! even as most of the FBI agents don't actually understand charlie/amita/larry most of the time, they clearly respect them and value their opinion, and i don't know, i enjoy the show, why do they want to take it away from me? (i'd also like to point out that they have surprisingly diverse cast - three of the four main supporting characters are african-american (two of them are women!), amita is indian, even the epps family are jewish if you want to get technical about it. so that's nice, hey.)

but also apparently heroes is still "on the bubble", which come on guys, renew/cancel it already i really feel like i am tired of waiting to find out.

although i'm pretty sure i will watch every upcoming episode of the new season going "needs more nathan", but that's a given, you know?

co-journaller has disappeared off the internet, and i am bereft.

also i really want more nathan/peter icons. what? we don't have enough, okay. mostly because we keep using the ones we have and now i'm just like "more, please?"

ETA: my head still hurts, i can't sleep, why do mornings even exist omg!

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random spam from the chat trenches:

(on watching supernatural 405, yes the one with the b&w shapeshifter):

co-journaller: SAY GO FOR THE CRACK
co-journaller: OH I'M READY FOR IT
co-journaller: COME ON BRING IT
me: oh fuck you
me: i just JUST JUST
me: got that song out of my head

to the five people reading this that got that: NOSTALGIA FTW!

for the rest of you: hey!

which of course leads neatly into my next question, which is, i'm entirely sure there's a comm/challenge where you sign up and the organizers randomly assign a music video to you (uh, that's not yuletide?), and then you write a story based on said music video? WHICH IS BASICALLY SONGFIC ONLY WE PRETEND IT'S NOT BECAUSE WE'RE TOO COOL FOR THAT.

because! i would totally sign up, and hope that i'd get fever ray's when i grow up, where nathan watches silently as his crazy/beautiful conjurer brother summons water. or, you know, *cough*, that fergie vid peter is a drug dealer, nathan is an undercover DEA agent, they're brothers in some sort of love and it's all very dramatic and everyone has cool clothes and guns.



ETA: What cm doesn't tell you is that what *started* this idea was the Hero video which clearly wants to be turned into [fandom of your choice] AU fic about people having sex on piles of money. (It also wants you to laugh a lot, but that's beside the point.) Anyway, it would be awesome, who's in! \o/
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leverage finale or this is not your momma's tv )

in supernatural/heroes crossover news, apparently the most discussed details of the entire fic are what clothes peter wears, and what hairstyle he has (emo bangs vs. not so emo bangs. vs. naked in a container crew cut), and also us coming to the conclusion that peter's bowlegged walk being identical to dean's clearly means they were always meant to be switched-at-birth brothers because HOW HILARIOUS IS THAT to see them walking down the street together, peter being one full frame size smaller than dean but exactly the same. no-one will ever question them being related to one another even though they look nothing alike! although to be fair sam looks nothing at all like dean either. and on the sam and nathan side, we spend an inordinate amount of time going to dressing sam up like a public-defender cum trust fund baby who loves his big brother but feels he needs to dress slightly edgier because nathan's a little to staid for him.

yes, we don't actually ever think about things like plot, or characterization, just clothes and hairstyles. you know, THE IMPORTANT THINGS.




Feb. 18th, 2010 05:20 pm
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episode one of bedford diaries has been watched.

conclusion: wow richard is a dick. why does no one call him that? IT'S SO FITTING. i mean, rich? come on. i hope he gets better as time goes on? I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR TRUST FUND BABY DRAMA, RICH.

milo v's characters are always such a hit and miss with me. or mostly it's a miss? because i adore peter, oh peter. and then there's...everyone else, and mostly i can take or leave them, leaning towards the "leave". ahahaha ted from pathology, ahahaha. although i gotta say i feel in that case milo would have done the best he could with the material he was given. and uh, i appreciate the restraint he showed in portraying the character, so his utter douchiness was not further made intolerable by the patented milo v smirk. and i think he was adorable in opposite sex, no lie. i mean i couldn't get past him being twenty two and playing a fifteen year old, but other than that. but also speaking of MV's other roles, [ profile] leksa linked to [ profile] bossymarmalade's nsync/gilmore girls crossover, and really, hey. <3

on the other hand, i have yet to meet an adrian pasdar character that i didn't immediately and utterly adore. declan! how so six years old and yet so blindingly hot! profit! everyone's favorite sociopath! and poor darling caleb. i just. *chin hands*

...clearly, i have nothing important to say, so here, have a video of holmes/watson set to adam lambert's fever, which is kind of like a venn diagram of things i hate separately and yet somehow, magically, adore when put together.

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i am trying to wrangle our tags into submission. hint: this is not fun.

so far 2009/2010's pretty well done (ahahaha at some point it's kind of useless, where if you'd click fandom:heroes you'd get every post we've made the past three months or so).

2008's a pain, because i rarely tag, and i post a lot. of course it's mostly about interpol, so i wish i could mass tag or something.

am also watching american idol, and i don't know man, i get more weirded out each year. like, do they sit down and ask the contestants "tell us about the tragedies of your life" and then they introduce them to the audience like that "okay her parents split up or he had cancer" or like, have we come to the point where people frame their lives around the bad things that have happened to them, like "i feel i deserve to be the next american idol because my dog died" and it's just weird, man. i get overcoming tragedy and hardship, and i get that they want the audience to connect with the singers, but it makes me more and more uncomfortable. and yet! it's just about the foundation of half the reality shows out there! i do like the ones that have some self-awareness about this though. the ones that go "yeah you know there are far worse things than growing up poor". because there is, even though that's not even the point. i guess the point is that i love jordin sparks, perhaps? but then i also love fantasia, so it's complicated, my relationship with american idol, is what i'm saying.

just, no adam lambert or kris allen this year, please, guys. or fucking daughtry or haha david cook. i just want to die, okay.

ANYWAY. i feel that peter petrelli will make a great AI contestant, like "oh my last girlfriend died, the next one got stuck in a future world, then i found out my father who was supposed to be dead wasn't and then he stole my powers and i tried to kill him but failed, and then my brother slash lover betrayed me twice, oh and when we finally made up i found out he'd died months ago and my mom made his killer wear his face and body but that also went badly and now he's truly dead. oh and finally in order to save the life of just about the only friend i have left, i spent five years trapped alone in the head of the aforementioned brother-killer, and now he thinks we're BFFs and keeps calling me to do lunch and hang out and join a superhero league. in between all of that, i found time to almost end the world, twice. but none of that was actually my fault, hi."

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would anyone be willing to recommend to me a tv show, preferably one with many seasons in (or a complete series), that i can watch? i like sci-fi, horror and cop shows, and i like shows with interesting women who talk about stuff other than men. i'm so bored at home.

we also have a new layout, which is the first non-Interpol related layout we've had in a while. but as the co-journaller said, and i paraphrase, "they disappeared, and John Chricton is pretty."

although i do think that this picture is pretty hilarious. so i'm aware those are his actual clothes most likely, but is it his book? signs point to yes - but the girl is probably someone else's though. did he break up with helena christensen? sad! she made you better, paul.

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no true blood finale spoilers, but, surprisingly enough, i am entirely over Eric.

...that was quick. i think it's that he was mean to my one true love Lafayette. and that's just not on, and not forgivable!

also jason stackhouse is a moron, but i guess we already know that by now.


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