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k just put on linkin park's hybrid theory. my god, it's been years. years! it's actually still really good. there's no filler! i miss you, linkin park! band as hit-driven corporation has never been so appealingly pretty, or so catchy. also i'm probably the only person that actually regrets the death of nu-metal.

hey, we're not anonymous anymore! anyway i wrote:

b-sides and rarities, (She Wants Revenge, the album)
for every ending, (Miami Vice, the movie. yes the one starring colin farrell, bless him.)*

treats/pinch-hits were:

even the most sophisticated of machines, (Alien vs Predator)
the death of girl number two, (Profit)
captain smith and pocahantas had a very mad affair, (Near Dark/Heroes)

yes two of my stories featured The Pasdar. he's just really hotinteresting okay? i'm not entirely sure how commenting works in AO3, so i'd just like to thank everyone who commented over here. eta: and actually everyone that i wrote for, for being awesome and loving the sources for these, all of which i adored, even before the whole Pasdar thing.

*i actually wanted to talk about that colin farrell movie at some point, and actually i should stop calling it that, because other than gong li (GONG LI!!) it has the quite marvelous jamie foxx in it, not to mention the rest of the awesome team that is team MVPD Vice. which is just about my favorite thing about said movie, the team dynamics, and i suspect the movie has very little to the show that shares its name, but it's still quite lovely. i would read fic in which the MVPD do nothing but solve crimes and support one another while carting around big guns and being bad-ass and constantly anticipating each other's needs because they're essentially one singular well-oiled machine. i really would. in conclusion: more people should watch this movie! ETA2: i tried to stalk our doom fic-writers, but couldn't find them, sadly. *prods at AO3*

ETA3: i realized i forgot to thank co-journaller, who is amazing and who held my hand throughout everything, including getting betas for me and uploading everything and just basically being stellar (and who actually co-wrote the profit fic, TBH), and you only wish you had one of her but tough, you have to get your own.

Writing meme, 2009
I've never done this meme before, because it's HILARIOUS and you know, chances are i will link to fic that's not even mine but i wish i wrote, so hey.

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so, as yuletide winds down, i was gonna do a recs post, but i had it open for like, days and i've not gotten any closer to completing it. then i realized i was just pretty much saving what i liked on AO3, so here, have an AO3 yuletide recs list instead. most of it is yuletide, some is not. i like zombie apocalypses, video games and terminators. co-journaller does not.

it's 2010, people. this year in review: kind of sucked, entirely. here's to hoping next year is far better.

my guinea pigs also wish everyone a happy new year!

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yuletide! my darling yuletide fairies (both of them!) who apparently have been reading our lj, wrote us not one, but TWO Doom incest stories.

he a tiger will be who drinks of me and also the edge of DOOM. thank you, yuletide fairies, for reading our minds and knowing exactly what we wanted!


i use my new favorite canonical (canon!!!) incest icon, because i can.

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dear yuletide writer!

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