Feb. 17th, 2010

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damon/stefan, a little damon/stefan/katherine, pg-13ish, 1000 words, set pre-show so no real spoilers save for a hint of the flashback episodes
On the intricacies of a polyamorous relationship. Kind of.
notes: thanks, once again, to co-journaller for beta! <3!

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i am trying to wrangle our tags into submission. hint: this is not fun.

so far 2009/2010's pretty well done (ahahaha at some point it's kind of useless, where if you'd click fandom:heroes you'd get every post we've made the past three months or so).

2008's a pain, because i rarely tag, and i post a lot. of course it's mostly about interpol, so i wish i could mass tag or something.

am also watching american idol, and i don't know man, i get more weirded out each year. like, do they sit down and ask the contestants "tell us about the tragedies of your life" and then they introduce them to the audience like that "okay her parents split up or he had cancer" or like, have we come to the point where people frame their lives around the bad things that have happened to them, like "i feel i deserve to be the next american idol because my dog died" and it's just weird, man. i get overcoming tragedy and hardship, and i get that they want the audience to connect with the singers, but it makes me more and more uncomfortable. and yet! it's just about the foundation of half the reality shows out there! i do like the ones that have some self-awareness about this though. the ones that go "yeah you know there are far worse things than growing up poor". because there is, even though that's not even the point. i guess the point is that i love jordin sparks, perhaps? but then i also love fantasia, so it's complicated, my relationship with american idol, is what i'm saying.

just, no adam lambert or kris allen this year, please, guys. or fucking daughtry or haha david cook. i just want to die, okay.

ANYWAY. i feel that peter petrelli will make a great AI contestant, like "oh my last girlfriend died, the next one got stuck in a future world, then i found out my father who was supposed to be dead wasn't and then he stole my powers and i tried to kill him but failed, and then my brother slash lover betrayed me twice, oh and when we finally made up i found out he'd died months ago and my mom made his killer wear his face and body but that also went badly and now he's truly dead. oh and finally in order to save the life of just about the only friend i have left, i spent five years trapped alone in the head of the aforementioned brother-killer, and now he thinks we're BFFs and keeps calling me to do lunch and hang out and join a superhero league. in between all of that, i found time to almost end the world, twice. but none of that was actually my fault, hi."


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