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The show's just-announced, 10-episode fourth season - slated to debut later this summer - will most likely be its last. "That is the plan," confirms series creator Sean Smith, who hopes to lure back some old faves like Charisma Carpenter and Michael Rady for the final stretch. "We're all looking at this as an opportunity to come back, wrap up the show, and end strong. ABC Family could've ended it, but they gave us this opportunity and I don't want to squander it." Meanwhile, an ABC Family spokesperson insists buzz that Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca) is leaving the show (perhaps to star in a new pilot) is not true. The rep says all of Greekā€™s regulars will be back for season 4.

Awww, Greek. i mean again yay, there's a chance for closure. on the other hand, why are all my favorite tv shows going away!

i love this icon so much, randomly. his startled little face! oh, s1 peter. why can't i freeze you and put you in a basket for safekeeping so age, a pair of hairdresser's scissors and a heavy gym schedule can't get at you. WE HAVE COOKIES WHERE I AM FOR GOOD LITTLE BOYS JUST LIKE YOU. just try not to end the world while you're here, please.

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