Apr. 1st, 2010

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so at some point [livejournal.com profile] miss_miso asked me five questions, and instead of doing the five, i just decided to do question five for now, which was:

part one: I watched this documentary recently and thought of you! Now, maybe you prefer darkly intelligent thrillers, but what I really want to hear about are the schlocky, cheesy horror films you love in spite of yourself.

okay so here's the thing? when i was twelve? i was madly, and i mean MADLY in love with vampires. i am not sure how or why and i feel i have gotten over it now (i mean really, why on earth would you want to live forever? and not just that but then your life is dependent on the continuous death of others? i think not!) i mean sure true blood is the coolest tv show right now, and the vampire diaries is pretty awesome, but being a vampire is pants! that said, i, once upon a time, was really enamored with these awful, awful (mostly) made for tv vampire movies comedies. yes, i said comedies. none of that "vampirism is hot and sexy and depressing", not for me. i was a really miserable teenager and comedies were the best way to get away from that. and vampire comedies? GOLD.

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part two: For extra credit: recast one of them using some of your celebrity crushes.

and then A. and i decided we would like to recast the lost boys, thank you very much. and yes if you're wondering, would they go there? YES WE DID. OR DID WE the ages don't match up, sadly - very few of these people would be able to be in this particular movie unless hiro can actually time travel and wants to help us out here.

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