Jan. 4th, 2010

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SO. i was telling co-journaller that i would really like to tag, well, a fair number of my stories on AO3 with "two white guys fucking", because. well, because. and she disagreed with me. now seeing as how that happens so rarely, i've decided to make a poll about it.

[Poll #1506831]

thank you and goodnight!

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co-journaller and i just watched "it's coming" aka in which some months ago peter and nathan were all over each other like siamese twins and also some other stuff happened but i couldn't pay attention on account of how peter and nathan were all over each other like siamese twins. also peter says like, five words in the entire episode to his parents, and even that is just to shut his mom up "i'll take care of my brother and his grief, thanks". his entire being, otherwise, entirely focused on nathan. oh, nathan. didn't you miss that when it was gone? i like to think you did. i will shed one delicate emo tear now for the writers entirely fucking up your character and your relationship with peter.

i'd go on at length about hiro and ando in that hut "somewhere in africa" hahaha i mean really, not a single person went "that's a continent*" but anyway spirit walk that's actually a power or something? HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK I DO NOT UNDERSTAND EXPLAIN IT TO ME PLEASE. or just you know, blather in my direction about peter and nathan and their epic love and how their father is so evil i don't even understand it these are your children, arthur!

*the continent thing is funny because when i was in germany some guy tried to pick me up at the hurricane festival, and when he asked me where i was from i said "singapore" and he couldn't hear me and i thought he'd asked me where singapore was so i said "asia" and he went "pfft that's a CONTINENT" and i weren't married i would probably have slept with him just for that. well that and he said he had pot, but ANYWAY seriously you guys, come on.


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